December 19th, 2016 | Day 101

an excerpt from my journal

I sit here at Upper Dam Pond, in complete silence & solitude, today is my day off. My day of the week to be with myself, care for myself. Explore myself. The thing I struggle with most is making something out of each day. So often do I get caught in monotony, a slave to routine. I crave constant adventure. But I’ve found some happy places, one of which is here. Upper Dam.

The water so gracefully reflects the green forest canopy & blue sky. The rays of sun soak deep into my skin, & the moths flock. They hang on tight, tickling my skin. Every so often I hear a bird call, or a macaque fall through the canopy. When I’m here, this place is mine. It’s so simple. Makes me feel somewhat whole again to connect with nature’s kindred spirits. These moments are few & far between, but when the opportunity arises, I am HERE, no where else. I find solace in this manmade body of water, & so I shall return to you.