Salt Lake City, Utah

I studied abroad with Allie — we lived in Flat 8, 480 Leith Street in Dunedin, New Zealand circa Spring 2015. We drove an ancient hunk of metal (formally named ‘Marvin’) around the South Island every weekend during that semester. We crossed fords, ran from cows, consumed tuna & cold cans of beans, and relished in each tear-inducing vista with a cheesy Odesza song that no one listens to anymore. My first solo international escapade, I will never forget those months of freedom and sheer bliss, Allie became a life-long friend. Three years of a long distance friendship and a yearning for open space, Allie finally convinced me to join her in Salt Lake City! I guess this is me announcing that I’ll be moving to Utah at the start of 2019. I’m beyond excited to explore a new world of outdoor opportunities, come visit?